Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Search for a New Hobby

Hey all. I changed the look of the blog this week. The other design wasn't working and all the text was displaying as Times New Roman. Thanks, but no thanks.

I recently changed my relationship with a certain item in my house, due to a mom-shaped blob being a permanent fixture on my living room couch. The change happened around Christmas, so I made a resolution to make it a little more formal. Here is my New Years Resolution for 2014:

  1. Not watch TV until 9 pm, and use the time after supper to do something. Anything: start a new hobby, read a book, play a board game, organize something, work out, etc. Watching Netflix does not count as a hobby. 

I felt like this fall just sucked the life right out of me. No motivation, no challenges, just an unhealthy addiction to TV shows and curling up in front of the fire. It was just nothing. I was busy at work, and it seemed like when I got home, I needed to put my brain on hold and just not do anything. It was starting to become noticeable around Christmas that I was becoming a blob on the couch, so I decided I needed to change something.

So my New Years Resolution that I started a week before New Years began. I am trying to not veg out in front of the tv until 9 pm at night. Until that time arrives, I have to do something. Don't get me wrong, I used to be able to do things. I had projects, I took on personal challenges, I read books. Just not lately. I think I got lazy. Or the internet made me do it. One or the other. But it's definitely either my fault or the Internets.

 I read this post shortly after I started and it speaks exactly to where I am: Self-Improvement: Why I Am Powering-Off My Electronics & Accomplishing MORE. I don't see a ukulele or painting self-portraits in my near future (though it would be awesome) but I completely feel the line "I don't have any other interests besides Tumblr or Facebook".  Time to change that.

So I have a few goals in mind for the next six months: become proficient in Photoshop, train for my third Tough Mudder in July, get through a few more (lets say four, shall we?) of my "To-Read" list on Goodreads, and keep up with the blog with my progress and little projects I'm up to. Along the way, I'll keep my eye out for a new hobby. Not to sound lackluster or lukewarm about this whole hobby thing. Just that it might be too much too soon. Let's get my sorry ass off the couch first.