Sunday, 30 March 2014

New Years Resolution Update

We are finishing up month three of 2014. That's 12 and a half weeks into my resolution. If you recall my resolution was to get myself out of a huge rut that involved a lot of tv and not much else:
  1. Not watch TV until 9 pm, and use the time after supper to do something. Anything: start a new hobby, read a book, play a board game, organize something, work out, etc. Watching Netflix does not count as a hobby. 
Right off the bat I'll admit the waiting until 9pm thing stopped happening early on. On nights that I didn't have plans, or a project, the tv was turned on by 8pm. I feel like I needed it though. The hustle and bustle of the day just demanded an end and the couch or bed called my name. I still managed to make my days something more than work, cook, clean, watch tv, repeat. 

I did still watch tv, and got caught up in Downton Abbey (not Downtown Abbey as I had originally thought) and like any good soap, it sucked me in for four seasons with the drama and the dresses. And Michelle Dockery's impressive eyebrow span. Oh, and everything that is Maggie Smith.
Check out those eyebrows. 
Oh wait, I'm talking about TV again. Let's get back on track here. 

I did manage to become slightly more productive again after the Autumn of Nothingness. My closets are organized. My basement was cleaned not once, but twice in the past three months. I recently switched around the furniture in my living room (it sounds minor, but little things like that give me a boost.)

I joined a Bootcamp group. We meet every Monday for eight weeks, and spend the first hour doing some sort of workout, like Tabata or the Accumulator. Then we spend the next hour talking about healthy eating habits, mostly about following Canada's Food Guide and the importance of preparing your own food. I had no idea how little vegetables I was eating. I thought I ate healthy (up until the Autumn of Nothingness of course, when I would skip lunch in favor of Peanut Butter M&M's) but now my veggie servings are up around 10-12 servings a day. 

I meet a friend for tutorial sessions on Photoshop and Illustrator once a week (we picked Wednesday's but there was some sort of glitch in the matrix and it stormed pretty consistently on Wednesdays this winter.) We usually worked on something for my job. It was nice sitting in a quiet coffee shop far removed from Mommyland. 

I  finished The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak. It took me a bit, since I put it down for a while, but it was a good read- the last twenty pages or so had me sobbing. My husband walked into the room during these last few pages and when he saw what a mess I was he went instantly from "Honey, have you seen my hat?" mode to "Danger: approach wife with extreme caution" mode. He almost backed up. Poor guy. I almost laughed. Almost. I was too busy crying.

So after three months, things are going back to normal. The mom-shaped blob isn't a permanent fixture on my couch anymore. Not major victories or huge changes here; all minor. All normal things that normal people accomplish...but at least it's something. Something is better than nothing.

(Note: I've been messing around with the design of the blog, but I'm still not happy with it. Most of the time when a page loads, the web font doesn't render, and Comic Sans appears in it's place. Not cool, Blogger, not cool. )