Thursday, 12 July 2012

I'm about to sign my first death waiver.

Training is over. House is cleaned. Kids are packed. Laundry is happening. Almost ready to go. Only thing left is to do is sign my death waiver.

Checking out the Tough Mudder participant page today and I noticed their Event Schedule reads like the following:

Step 1) Bring Your Signed Death Waiver
Step 2) Pick up Your Participant Packet
Step 3) Get your Face Marked
Step 4) Don’t Throw Up

Well, that's great. Don't throw up. Thanks for the tip. Everything else is covered in the death waiver.

These are my two favorite paragraphs:

"I understand and acknowledge that these risks may cause harm including, but not limited to:  bodily injury, ranging from minor to severe; illness or infection, ranging from minor to severe; physical and/or mental effects of exposure to extreme conditions and circumstances, ranging from minor to severe; temporary or permanent disability; paralysis; death; and property damage or loss. 

  I expressly, knowingly and voluntarily assume all of the risks of participating in Tough Mudder.  I understand and acknowledge that these risks include, but are not limited to:  falls; illness; infection; contact or collision with spectators, personnel, and other pedestrians; contact or collision with motor vehicles or machinery; contact or collision with other participants of varying skill levels; contact and the effects of contact with natural and manmade fixed objects; natural and man-made water, road and surface hazards; close proximity and/or contact with thick smoke and/or open flames; inadequate competition equipment and/or equipment failure; dangers arising from weather conditions, including but not limited to extreme heat, cold, humidity, ice, rain, hail, lightning, or fog; imperfect course conditions; and inadequate safety, first aid and/or emergency response measures."

In all honesty, I'm really not that worried. The terms and conditions of using a PS3 are pretty frightening as well...and really, has anyone out there ever suffered dizziness or seizures from Tiger Woods PGA 13?

So I'm going to go sign this. My first death waiver. Meh. I just hope I don't throw up.

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