Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sunday Prep Day

If I don't prep food over the weekend, I'm screwed.

Since I'm trying to eliminate pre-packaged and processed food, this means crackers, bear paws, etc won't be on the menu for school lunches. Also I was getting lazy with the snacks at home, the fam was getting sick of yogurt and apples. My husband's schedule has changed the past couple of months, so he was preparing suppers way more than usual. I can throw a healthy supper together fairly quickly, but god bless him, he struggles. He tries. But he struggles.

I found that the weekends that I prepare snacks and plan a few meals my week went a lot easier, and the kids had more snack variety. And I had fewer frantic texts at 4:45pm saying "I don't know what to make for supper."

On a good prep day, I make some healthy snacks. On an awesome prep day, I make some healthy snacks and prep a meal or two.

My food prep is usually a combination of a few of these tasty tidbits.

Carrot Sticks - I cut them using my Pampered Chef Crinkle Cutter, so they look like crinkle-cut fries. Kids love them. I store them in water in the fridge.

Whole Wheat Muffins - My veggie box people grind their own wheat, so we always have whole wheat on hand. The made some buckwheat once too, so I'll throw a cup in buckwheat sometimes. I keep half out and freeze the other half for the rest of the week.
Last Sundays recipe:

Roast Chicken - We got a few frozen chickens in our meat box, and I love just roasting a chicken and cutting it up without getting into the hassle of the entire meal deal with gravy and stuffing. (Not that I don't love a roast chicken dinner. I do.) After the chicken has cooled, I cut it and portion it into freezer bags. I usually keep a portion or two in the fridge, for a quick protein snack or to chop up for sandwiches.

Protein Bars - After a few unsuccessful recipes I found, I finally modified one to my liking - one that doesn't fall apart in my hands, and isn't sticky. I cut them into individual servings, put them all in a freezer bag and freeze. These are for hubby and I.
Protein bars before being cut. 

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas -  I saw these on Pinterest, and I loved them! They are probably an acquired taste, but I enjoy them. Crunchy and "acceptable" substitute for my chip obsession (which I have not, and likely will not, kick.)

Spicy Roasted Chickpeas.

Hamburger - We get frozen packages of hamburger in our meat box, and meal prep goes a lot faster if my hamburger is already cooked. I throw the frozen hamburger into a frying pan, and cook a couple batches up at a time. I usually throw some onions and sage into it to give the flavor a boost. When it has cooled, just divide into freezer bags and toss in the freezer. Great for a quick spaghetti or casserole.

Freezer Slow Cooker meals - I tried a few of these for the days that my husband was home, he can take them out of the freezer and throw them into the slowcooker and not have to think about cooking at all. And that is better for everyone. I checked out these sites, and I think soon I will start trying to modify my regular slow cooker faves into their freezer-friendly versions:

Prepping some slow cooker meals for the freezer. 

Hard Boiled Eggs -  Eggs are another staple of our veggie box. I recently started hard boiling them, and keeping them (shell on) in the fridge. They are super handy for a grab-and-go breakfast or a sandwich filler.

Cinnamon Chia Seed Granola- I've only made this once, but will definitely try this one again. It made me buy chia seeds, which are a fun and random little seed. Why random, you ask? This little seed turns into a gel when it gets wet. It's an odd little thing.
Chia Seed Granola

And those are the usual suspects for Sunday Prep Day. I have a few more recipes I'd like to try, have to test out some more freezer slow cooker meals, and I'd love to make a couple huge batches of spaghetti sauce to have in the freezer. Pinterest and websites like are always a great source of ideas and information.

I'm just getting into this habit, so I'm interested in what everyone else does for Sunday prep?


  1. I love Sunday prep day; however I have very picky children who are going to be hard to pull away from the packaged snacks (mostly bear paws). I need to find some good, healthy recipes that I can start sneaking the good stuff into; ideas?

  2. Maybe try some whole wheat or bran muffins, brownies or cakes that use vegetables like beets, parsnips or carrots? The muffins I tried last Sunday called for two cups of grated carrots. And beets are very much hidden in chocolate. The kids would never know they were there if you didn't tell them. :P I've also been meaning to attempt to make some "apple chips", so if your kids aren't totally jazzed by fruit, a crunchy chip might be more exciting for them. A few options for you:
    Velvety Beet Brownies:
    Apple Chips:
    Carrot Muffins:
    Good luck!

  3. Never tried Chia, sounds pretty gross, so I'm sure I'd love it! I'm also a huge chickpea fan, and 2/3 of my kids are too, they are great for a filling snack. I most definitely need to get into the habit of this Sunday preparation thing.Smart!

    1. Yes, so far I've been keeping my chia seeds dry, like on top of a salad, or add into some yogurt, so I don't notice the consistency changing!

    2. Def have to try the chick peas! Need a healthy, yummy, crunchy, HEALTHY snack. Suggestions on how to prepare them?
      And whole wheat for muffins... what else would you put in them? My kids would def need to be tricked ;)

    3. This is the recipe I used for the chickpeas, but only use one can of the chickpeas, so halved the rest of the recipe. Also, reading the comment suggestions, I cook for 30 min, take them out and cool them, then pop them back in for another 10. Perfectly crunchy.

      For the muffins, I try to find recipes that have hidden fruits and veggies and lots of spices, like nutmeg and cloves.

      I love this family of websites, this article has a basic recipe with a few combinations:

      And a few other options, along the apple/carrot/banana line:

      Good luck! :)