Saturday, 10 March 2012

Here I am.

Never thought I would see myself here. Freely expressing myself on the interwebs. I'm the one who barely passed computer class, never used email and was completely ok with that. I had a healthy fear of technology. Now here I am, living and working in a high tech world.

This is a blog about my recent attempts are living a simple and low-processed lifestyle. Again, something else that I never cared about. I never cared about what shampoo I was using, or what went into my fast food, they were just a part of my life. Now that I'm running a family, and finding that there are chemicals and companies out there that aren't doing me or my family One Bit of Good, I'm trying to make a change. Slow and steady.

I call it The Mom Effect: drive slower, eat more veggies, exercise for fun.

Boring? Yes. Better? Also, yes.

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