Saturday, 24 March 2012

It's been a rough week for working out.

Last week was a great week. Got a couple of runs in. Did a couple killer leg workouts. Upped my number of pushups. WOo.

This week, not so much. I had a million reasons (Well, really, only one. Sore knees. They really did hurt.). I even took the elevator at work, which I never do.

I wasn't even using my Brand New Kicks, which every person, man or woman, likes to do when they get them. New sneakers FTW!

Reebok RealFlex. Pretty. 

I bought these little pretties because my outdoor runners were getting really muddy from running on the dirt roads in the spring, and they were tracking dirt all over my gym floor. (Maybe a post later to show off what could quite possibly be the most ghetto gym owned by a middle class girl ever? Wait for it.)

Anyways, no gym this week. In addition to the sore knees, my three year old got sick, and over the course of an evening I was puked on more than once, and shocker! I got the bug as well. And there goes a weekend.

Ok. So. No more excuses. Next week, it is ON.


  1. Love your blog,every working Mom can relate, and also get great tips.

  2. thanks! I'm just getting started, so there is more to come. :)